Any comments on this rack would be appreicated.
I'm avoiding getting a sequencer at the moment, as I want to see what I can achieve without one.
If there's anything you think I'm missing please let me know.

Don't see any MIDI inputs so at the moment the Pressure Points is your only controller. You might want to add a Brains to automate it. For half the price (new) of a Braids, you could get a Synth Tech E330 multi-timbral VCO. Or you could go with a much cheaper bread and butter analog VCO, like a TipTop z3000 or a Intellijel Dixie. Research the Rosie - Makenoise makes great stuff in general, but IIRC not everybody is happy about it. Sure would be nice to have some kind of LFO

Overall, seems a good rack for a start - once you start making music it should be obvious what you need next.

You could drop the uVCA or Optomix in a rig with a single oscillator.