Hey everyone,

Someone own one of these? I was thinking about getting one but don't have anywhere where I live to try one out. A friend of mine was able to try one out in another city and said that there products "felt" cheap if that makes any sense. I've watched video demos of it and I think it sounds awesome. Wondering if anyone could tell me about there experiences with there products.


I own a Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller and tried out the Complex Oscillator at a local shop. To me Verbos modules feel very sturdy and high quality. They have a nice robust pulvercoated finish/print, a clear layout with enough space and the potis have enough "weight" to them to feel good, nothing cheap at all here. The big poti caps are still out of plastic, but to me the resistance of the potis when turning is much more important for a good quality feel than anything else.
Sound is much more subjective i think, but to me the Verbos complex oscillator has the warmest sound of any of the complex oscillators, which i like a lot and would prefer it to most other complex oscillators!
Hope that helps!


That answers a lot of questions I have. Thanks for the post!

I've got a CO, plus I should have the Random Sampling tomorrow and I've owned the Harmonic Oscillator in the past.

I don't know what your friend was comparing them to, but the Verbos modules are some of the nicest I've ever used. The panels are very heavy, which gives them a very sturdy feel. The pots and sliders are all very high quality and the sound is to die for.

You get what you pay for. They aren't cheap, but I would have no reluctance recommending any of their modules. I plan on buying more as funds permit.