I put a foot on the slippery slope. I started watching youtube videos for the Monotrons I'm currently messing around with, and one thing led to another, videos of them connected up to an MS20 mini, tried one in shop, didn't think much of it, I found the map and choices of connections very confusing opposed to the videos of fully modular synths I'd started seeing as suggestions. But you all know the score, that's why you are here too, modular is ADDICTIVE. I don't even have a single module yet and I can't stop watching videos, trying to discover if I could make the stuff going around in my head come to life given the opportunity.
So here I am, piecing together a 4 tier rack for shits n giggles. I probably have too many things I don't need and am missing vital things I do. It's all just daydreaming anyway. Feel free to laugh at my setup. If you want to add constructive comments, please do. I'm sure there are more important newcomers who need your expert advice. For now, I'm just pipe dreaming and gathering ideas.
Keep on patching.

There is a music shaped hole in my soul that needs patching up...

seems like you have thought of everything you need in a complete startout-system.
i see vco's, vca's, filter, mod sources and a sequencer so that will make sounds for sure =)

the only advice i can give you is start as small as you can (module wise, a big case is nice ;D) and then let your system guide you to the next modules.

maybe you an use my little starter rig i am currently building as an inspiration:
ModularGrid Rack

i tried to fit as much basic features as possible into a 2x104HP makenoise skiff.
my plan is to get this finished and then get a big ass studio case and expand from there ;)

Hey man, Thanks for the reply. appreciate the feedback. That is a tasty little starter rig. If I ever get an opportunity to make a start in a real life build I will begin with a twin 104 definitely, then make another to stack on top :D I don't think I'll ever get to a studio wall build, my main interest is to make some instruments to gig with.
Keep Patching.

There is a music shaped hole in my soul that needs patching up...