I was wondering the same. I went for the intelijel and it seems great I've never used the others listed here. Other options are the Tangle Quartet or that Zlob one which is 6 vca in 8hp I believe?

I went for the MI Veils, nothing to complain here. I choosed it because of its layout, each channel on a horizontal line.


I like quad VCAs that have a "separate" sum/mix output like the Doepfer A-135-1 (if you have the room) and the Bubblesound VCA4p (crowded panel but still patchable even with right angle cables!)

Many quad VCAs have a mix output on channel 4 but channels are subtracted from the mix as you patch into them. I like to run all 4 VCA outputs to separate channels on a stereo mixer for panning and then run the separate VCA mix output to processing modules like delay, reverb, Rings, etc

Mutable Veils was my choice ... not disappointed, and the output on channel four is summed, not subtracted. Looking into Blinds as my next module ... liking the attenuverters.

I went for Happy Nerding 3x VCA

Not quad vca but you can choose whether they are linked/summed or not. Very important for me.

I have the intel Quad VCA and highly recommend it. Sold my Veils for it. 3db boost is crucial for mixing modules with lower output levels, and it sounds nice overdriven. Separate CV & gain offset attenuators is a big step up from the other 2 you listed. But if you want to save some HP check out the ALM Tangle Quartet. Straightforward routing and only 8hp.