Hello !

New here, as with modular synths as well (though long history of other, including semi-modular systems).

I bought Roland Bitrazer, which is re-programmable module (6 modules from 31 possible), and decided to build small techno-related rack around it, for gigs, small to get all stuff less than 8kg (including clothes) to carry on airplanes.

Here's my plan so far:

ModularGrid Rack

The idea is use Roland as "main" module, but mostly using it as (acid) bass, I need kick too, and it will be Bastl Tea kick, these two are only sure one modules. I also thought to add sequencer, in case running rack standalone, but mainly clock(s)/CV's coming out (Electribe 2, Bastl Kastle, Patchblocks).

Not sure where to find case + power yet, Roland would use own, external power (it uses a lot, 450mA, so not going to put that to rack power), any tips.

So, starting cheap, and small, any tips more than welcome, especially if something is wrong in this, one thing I am also wondering, euroracks use 0-10V CV (?), and my other systems 5V.

Thanks !!