Would love some patch ideas from people as I am new to modular. Thanks !

Hmm...good thing I'm kinda bored on my day off...

VCAs, VCAs, VCAs. More of 'em. Remember, they're not just for audio; using DC-coupled linear VCAs gives you the ability to control/modulate CVs as well, and with the MATHS and Wogglebug, you've got some great control/modulation potentials. Plus, if you're going to establish two signal paths (which the Rosie implies) you need more AC-coupled exponentials to deal with the audio signals in those paths.

More straight-up envelopes to go with the more VCAs, too...ADSRs or ASRs for those audio path VCAs are a must.

Not sure about the Rosie, also...with the Clouds and RT60 being stereo units, I would tend to go with a stereo output and stereo mixer. Plus, you can then patch these between the mixer outs and the output module and use them more as global effects (or in the Clouds' case, global sound tinkerage).

Remember: Braids isn't being produced anymore by Mutable, so the options there are either a used one or one of the open-source builds. Also, maybe consider something with some twisty modulation possibilities, like an Intellijel Rubicon.

I'd lose the A-145 altogether. The A-143-3 gives you three more of more or less the same thing for less than $50 more in only 6 more hp and all you'd lose is the sync input and your reverse saw waveform. Not a bad tradeoff unless the sync is essential, then the A-147-2 would be better as you not only get that back, but CV capability, a gate delay, and an onboard VCA for CV manipulation for about the same cost as the 143-3. Only one LFO, sure, but it's got way more potential.

Otherwise, not a bad start...plenty more space to work with, too.

thanks so much mate ill take your information on board!

would you say the 2hp VCAs a good option?

If you're just talking linear VCAs, it's one of the better space-saving choices. However, I would be more inclined to look at something which offers more flexibility even if this means taking up more space. Take the Intellijel Quad VCA, for example...in that case, you get four VCAs which can also sum down to allow the module to function as a mixer, adjustable behavior between linear and exponential (which tends to be better for audio signals, because of how we perceive loudness), a signal boost per VCA, and so on. Granted, the Intellijel is 8 hp instead of two and costs $100 more, but I feel that you get more functionalty that justifies the price difference and extra width use. Since your current layout is lacking in a multisource mixer and VCAs, better to kill two birds with one stone here...and then some, really.

Nice, will definitely check that out! What about veils by mutable instruments? Been looking at that today. And the make noise adsr. Or would you have any other options ? To be honest I’m not bothered about hp as I have the current space and a second 84 hp rack not in use :) also quick question. Would it be wiser to get a ribbon cable adapter or get a second power module? As I am looking to expand to at least 3 rows. Thanks for messaging. It’s nice to get some helpful information rom someone who is obviously super passionate about modular!

Veils is more or less the same thing as the Intellijel minus the boost circuit and plus $10 more. Either would work for the same functions, though.

Hmmm...MakeNoise's Contour only really appears to give you CV over the attack and decay and not the sustain and release. Instead, I'd prefer having full CV control. Look at Tiptop's offering, though...all parameters under CV, plus onboard attenuverter and CV offset, only $25 more, same space.

Always get as much as possible under CV control when you can; even if it seems like you'd think 'when would I use that?'...sure enough, you'll find yourself in a situation where you'd like to have that functionality.

Power...see what you can make do with at present. But at the same time, if your total current load approaches 3/4ths of your power supply's presumed capacity, then take steps to increase your power capabilities. I don't advocate pushing a power supply right up to its limit as I've seen amateur radio switching supplies get flaky as the current draw would approach maximum, and those tend to be lots higher amperage on both capacity and draw (plus lots more variable in current fluctuation). It's best to assume that when your synth is up and running that the draw isn't going to be 100% level all the time, just like modulation peaks on some transmitters for ham radio can alter the draw of those components. Always overspec on power...always; there's nothing wrong with having too much amperage capability, but there sure as hell IS when you're suddenly discovering there's not enough! Not fun!

Thanks so much for your help mate . I’m at a strange where I’ve found what modules I would like but not sure if there are any must have modules to get the best out of my set up so far. Also for instance if I was to send 3 of the dpos outputs into a mixer could I then send that mixed signal into another mixer? As I want to control a few modules at the same time with my beatstep pro. Cheers!

Sure, you can chain as many mixers as is needed to create a suitable composite signal, and that trick works for either audio or CVs. Just don't make the mistake of trying to sum the outputs via a multiple, because that would be about when you'd discover that your outputs didn't have reverse protection (resulting in a rather expensive POP!)! Also, you can't exactly use a mixer to sum gates and/or triggers; this is best done with some module that doesn't have a possibility of attenuation, such as a Diode OR or something similar.

Very helpful! Thank you

im looking into getting the maths and morphagene in time... but what do you recon of the rest so far? do i sort of have a decent idea and without certain modules being without use?

also my sequencer is a beatstep pro :) so i got plenty of trigger options

Yeah, this is actually not bad as you're going to expand it. As for that second 84 hp skiff, I'd actually suggest using that plus a nice clocking/trigger sequencer for the drum modules. It'd give you more room in what would be the 'main' cab, and turn the skiff into something 'mission-specific', namely a bespoke drum machine. If using the BSP is the idea, then I'd say load that skiff up with drums and some mixing (stereo, natch) plus a little bit of FX to make a beefy little drum box when the BSP's in use as the controller. (looking at one of my BSPs) Hm...yeah, this is really a doable idea. Here's what I'd do:

ModularGrid Rack
This is probably totally irresponsible as far as drum skiff designs go. Much of it is 808/909, but there's some weird crap added, such as the screwy dual tom module and all the crap on the left side, which allows you to build two more drum 'voices', one using external signals and the other with chipnoise racket, and both gated by a dual AR controlling a dual LPG. Two mixers down on the end allow direct-output in stereo, with four pannable voices and the rest in some variation on mono/center. I have a distinct feeling that this might be capable of hurting people.