Hello , just saw your blog enjoying all of them.
About you rack, something to consider maybe:
Another raw with “plumbing “ module aka utility and also some modulation modules.

Look for LFOs,randomizers, envelops ,vca and even vco for audiorate modulation.
And ofcause attenuators.

Looking forward to the next blog

Ooh, there's some lovely stuff there! I agree that you'll need some LFO type modules and attenuators/VCAs to control them. Think of them as extra hands so you can turn more than two knobs at once. You might want to include the ADDAC pedal integrator too (https://www.modulargrid.net/e/addac-system-addac200pi) so you can patch in the mobile F***station although between the Erbe-verb, Magneto and Erica FX I think you've probably got that more than covered!

Yeah, pretty damn spot-on! As for a do-it-all modulator section, I would see if you can do some reallocation of space to put in a MATHS...that seems like the best fit here, along with some attenuverter-type modules. If you haven't locked yourself in on the rack decision yet, maybe consider a way to add a 1U row for tiles to provide a cheap way to drop utility devices in, just be careful that there's TWO 1U tile standards and the one you're more apt to want is the original, not Intellijel's newer version. Also, have a look at Folktek's Resist module, which fits in just 3 hp and gives you four attenuators which can then be sub-patched into their pin-patch points.