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This module:

Appears to be a duplicate of this one:

In addition, neither module image reflects the current image on FSFX's website:

So I am unsure if first two module above are V1's with third module listed as V2. Or, is third module an entirely new product though it shares FSFX 101 module name with second module above. If second module is same as third module but simply needs revised image as displayed on FXFX site, I'd be happy to execute that.

Yay decluttering


The first two you listed "may" be duplicates, I didn't look at the listings very close, but the one on the FreeState FX is a different version.

The first two listed were 5U conversions they did from Braids eurorack modules by just replacing the panel and adding 1/4" jacks. So it's basically a eurorack module behind a 5u panel. It does have Moog standard panel coloring though.

The newest one on their site is a full redesign, where they took the Braids schematics and made up totally new printed circuit boards to accommodate the 5U format better. It's a gorgeous module and I G.A.S. over it just because of it's looks! ;-) This one has a deviation from Moog standard panel coloring since it's solid black with no white/silver vertical lines on the outer edges.

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Hi John

Yeah, I figured the newest model was a newer iteration of the older Braids version.

As a devoted minimalist, I have a militant view against clutter but it's difficult to discern what's what with all the DIY stuff, alternate versions, etc. ModularGrid has been a valuable and pleasurable resource for me while re-acquainting myself with the modular world (all MU this time! Yeah baby!) so I like to help in maintaining its value for myself as well as others.

And I certainly understand sleazing over modules for their looks! I dig Corsynth's aesthetic and some of STG's stuff. I'm extra enthused regarding jacks labeled with graphical representations of waveforms instead of their names spelled out.

Thanks again for the informative reply.


My pleasure.

I also try to help keep things maintained by marking any custom modules I create as "private" and sometimes contacting people who have posted duplicates to let them know about the previous version and how to delete the one they created etc

Sometimes I don't take the time though . . . .

The first two you listed "may" be duplicates

They are the same. The original one is locked by the manufacturer, the duplicate has better info, though.
I have pm'ed the manufacturer to unlock or update specs on the original.

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