I think that my future plans have more or less settled around this rack. So far I have about half of these modules and I am looking to expand over the next few months. Before I do I wanted to post here to get some feedback. Do you see any obvious holes that I am missing? I will probably eventually move the Mother 32 out but I really do love the filter and I like having everything all together.

About the only thing I can see that's missing is some sort of randomizing source, which is a shame since you've got the Noise Rainbow, which makes for an excellent weighted noise source for all sorts of random signal generators. This could be as simple as a couple of S&Hs (actually, Ladik's dual 4 hp one also gives you track-and-hold options) or something more complex and variable like a Doepfer A-149-1, which gets you into Buchla-esque Source of Uncertainty territory. Otherwise, this is pretty spot-on. Don't get rid of the Mother32, though...sidecar it, maybe team it with a DFAM in a double-tier Moog rack, but keep it handy. It does so much for so cheap...very much a 'keeper'.

Great idea thanks! I've decided to swap out the chronoblob for an ultra random analog