So I'm just getting into modular and I have a "finished" rack. Can someone give me some tips or maybe point me to some less expensive modules that might serve the same function? Thanks for your help in advance!

Not really sure how to put a picture of the rig so here's the link. :)
ModularGrid Rack

Well, for starters, the Braids is off the menu unless you have a line on a used one or one on hand already. Not sure about the need for the tuner module, either, especially at $175. If you want/need a strobetuner, just get one of the lower-end Petersons and run it outboard. The Roland 500 ADSR could go, as there's plenty of those out there and adding a VCLFO is simple enough.

Ahhh, what else...? OK, the stereo out; this rig doesn't seem to do anything in shifting to any of a number of mono output modules would save some cash and space. This system also has the 'missing VCAs' problem...only one actual one, plus an LPG that really gets wasted just using it as a VCA alone. I would actually chuck the Ladik faders and the MFB VCA and go with an Intellijel Quad VCA, since you can break those up for CV modulation or audio as necessary, plus they can do some of the mixing. A six-channel mixer doesn't make sense here anyway, as there's not really six sources in the first place.

Hmm...the Buchla Timbre is not bad, but it really works best (or more typically) when used on a regular VCO. Using it with the Braids (which you'll have to find as a third-party build there days) sort of falls under the old adage of 'gilding a lily'. It might make more sense to use something more straightforward as a waveshaper, such as Tiptop's Fold. Definitely cheaper, too.

Overall, I would suggest the sort of thing I suggest quite a bit: more research. Use MG's resources to look at other peoples' racks who appear to be working in a direction similar to yours. Also, to get the prices under control, select your module type then use the 'price' view option to look at things in ascending (or with a second click on 'price', descending) order of cost. Last, if cost is a major factor, remember this simple formula: price / hp = cost per hp. The lower you can make that resultant figure, the cheaper things become overall. You can use that calculation on single modules, whole rows, or a whole cab. It works very well to keep overall costs under control since you're getting direct feedback on the prospective overall cost as the build takes place instead of at the very end when everything gets tallied. And redo constantly; there's really never any such thing as a 'finished' build, not even when you've physically built it.