I must be blind. I can’t find the rating function for any module. Where is it?

Module Detail Page

First check that you are logged in.

  • Open a module details page.
  • Stand up and move away two steps from your computer screen.
  • You will see a grey box with five empty stars just between the module info and Marketplace headline.
  • exhale, brabbling "duh"

I tried to make them stand out while in reality I put camo on the functions.

Module Browser

  • There are 4 buttons on a module cart in the module browser.
  • The one with the star is the rating function.

Ah, only if I use a computer?

I use crayons, myself...although it does make the arrangement view in Ableton a little confusing after a while...

Ah, only if I use a computer?
-- sislte

I thought it works everywhere, but I was wrong:
Rating on the mobile detail page was disabled for mobile phones.
I can not remember why, so I have enabled it again, should work now.