Oooooookay...further iterations of expanding the new Minibrutes. To the above, add four VCOs, four LFOs, two Steiner state-variables, four EGs, two sequencers...basically, all the stuff in the Arturias. I wouldn't consider the racks here to be 'complete' synths, so remember these are designed to tandem with the Minibrute 2 and 2s. Jettisoned the Moog subrack for the time being, also.

Have to say, this is looking more and more appealing as I tinker with it. Cost-wise, it's killer: about $8k with the Arturia gear + modules, and easily crosspatchable with my Digisound to push the rig out even further. Definitely cheaper in the long run than the 'in-one-box' ideas I've worked with for some time, and potentially more capable since the Arturias add way more to the combination for cheap than trying to replicate their functions in discrete module form. Pretty damn close to a final budgeting decision, I should think...definitely worth the long work toward a suitable goal.