Modular Web Synthesizer

TrueGrid is an experimental modular web synthesizer which let's you create, listen and share modular synth patches.

How to use it

TrueGrid works like a real modular synth in a way that you have to wire up different modules to generate useful or not so useful sounds.
It needs some experience to get something predictable out of this synth, but thats where the whole fun starts: Discover what is possible

Start from Scratch, find playable modules

Create a new empty rack and name it "My awesome Truegrid Synth". More creative naming options will work, too.
With the search function of the module browser you can enable a checkbox Playable in TrueGrid.
This lists all available playable modules for TrueGrid.

Add some modules to your rack. As a start you should add an Oscillator, VCA, LFO and VCF to create basic subtractive building blocks.

... or copy an existing Synth

If you have found a cool TrueGrid Patch from an other user you can copy the Patch and alter it as you please. Just click Save as a new Patch in TrueGrids secondary navigation.

Wire up

Sockets of the modules are color coded.

  • green for outputs
  • blue for inputs
  • no color == not implemented

To connect two sockets:
Drag a cable from an output to an input till the cable snaps.
To disconnect:
Drag the cable away from one socket or simply double click on the cable.

To turn the knobs, hover over a knob, click and hold the mouse and do a vertical movement.
ProTip: if you hover over a jack the corresponding jack on the other side of the cable will light up.

Authentic modules?

No, they are not. The modules are carefully modeled after their originals but since all coding is done in JavaScript they can not achieve the sound of their originals. Sorry, you still have to buy the real ones.
The intention is that you can experiment with the settings of a module and get somewhat familiar with the interface.

Record Audio

  • Click on the red record button of the small tape recorder right hand side. Your patch will be recorded
  • You can even twist knobs and record a whole performance
  • Click again on the record button and recording stops
  • Scroll down the page and you should see a web player with the option to download a .wav file of your recording

MIDI Implementation

This is even more experimental. You can play TrueGrid via MIDI!
To make this work you have to take care that your MIDI interface is connected and switched on before you start your browser.
More detailed information can be found here.


You need a reasonable fast computer and as of today TrueGrid works best in Chrome.
Safari should also work, and since more and more Browsers implement the required WebAudio API it should be widely supported in near future.

Beep, Bopp, Bleep: