Wanted to see if anyone has looked at the Arturia Microbrute 2S package vs the Korg MS20 package for moving into modular builds. I like that for 1k you get a rack/power supply, kick ass synth/sequencer in the Microbrute 2s and patch options to connect to Eurorack modules. But the MS 20 is recommended a lot here as well.

Thoughts? I figure can add some exotic VCA/VCO/VCF, clock, slew utilities and couple exotic LFO or synths to the rack.

Ok so I had a chance to finally get my hands on an MS-20 and love it! I had a blast patching it recently. Not crazy about the Microbrute and since I have a Korg SQ-1 for sequencing my Make Noise 0-coast, the MS-20 is on my radar as an affordable patcheable synth to use.

I did find that you need to have the English Tear Module to use for CV between the MS-20 and Eurorack.