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Hello folks; just want to confirm if this will work how i think it will work ;) Already started collectin'.

Here is the baby: ModularGrid Rack
I'm already in process of DIY'ng the case. Power will be multiple L-1s

There are basically 3 main sections of this -

Soundscape - Mescaline + OB + rainmaker + Alters - this will be my soundscape pads/background progressing drones etc.

Drums - NE modules + Mescaline's matter driven via pair of 101-102 (for main perc stuff) + Sapel/Turing in controlled random percentage.

Melody/Music - Sinfonion as global control of pitches/progressions. Mangroves into natural gates with quad modcan envelope into chord progression of sinfonion. 2x 301 in stereo 4 individual voices. Sequenced via 2nd pair of 101-102.

Modulation - 16 outs from ipad with lemur via shuttle control, 12 from 2x cv trinity, 8 from 2x o_c.
Control - frames, planar, sinfonion, ipad, channel, and NE corssfader are all playable live.
Pam's the master clock.

Why no VCAs? - 301 has integrated vca. Mangrove Air is a VCA, Natural Gate is a VCA. I'll mostly run my modulation as automations/Lfos/FM and for some crucial stuff i can push it out of Lemur.

Mixer will be external. Did i miss anything super crucial :) ?

Brilliant design, this...concept is very sound, you have a really clear idea of how this should work for your purposes. Pretty cool, pretty neat.

About the only things that nag at me are:

1) The Cwejman VCF. Spendy and large. You might want to do a bit more looking around to reduce the size and certainly the cost. There's a lot of interestingly fubar filter concepts and topologies out right now, so it's sort of a smorgasbrod, but yeah, this could be a bit better.

2) Putting the Mescaline in the rack with everything else. I kinda like this instrument as the unitized control-surface/generator/mangler it is in of itself, both in functional terms and looks. Plus, there's the possibility of more space to play with in the cab...and at the very least, you'll want to add some other Folktek stuff to tandem with the Mescaline as well as to augment it, plus go from Dupont pins to 3.5mms. My instinct would be to put the reassembled Mescaline to the right of the cab, then run your other Folktek stuff in the right end of the cab on rows 2 and 3 to get some easy patching and interchange between everything pin-patchable. That sort of exchange might also come in handy for adding one or two other pin-patchables, such as Bastl's Softpop or bitRanger.

Otherwise...yeah. This is damn solid.

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I've switched Cwejman's & Twin Peaks for 2 rossum filters.
As for Mescaline - for now i'm gonna have her in the rack - when i fill everything up then ill surely think about the next steps.
Dupont to 3.5mm - is that considered safe ? That might open up Mescaline a LOT : ) . Curious.

I love folktek sound and will be sure to follow what they do, but Conduit as a standalone module is imo not enough, and i already have matter with 4 resists on "mental' module with custom breadboard so i'm kind of waiting for them to expand upon the lineup a bit more to maybe make a full folktek/dupont rack :). I've looked at bastl dupont things and while they seem like fun pieces, the sounds they make are kind of meh for me.

The Bastl stuff seems to be better at processing/altering external signals than at their own signal generation. As for Dupont pins to 3.5mm, it's safe to the gear (as long as you have an established ground between the pinpatchable and the Eurorack gear, as well as between all pinpatchables), but perhaps not to your mind. The other Folktek stuff makes for an exceptional way to transit between formats, also, plus the Mescaline also has some adaptive patchpoints onboard.

As for a complete pinpatch rack, see and hold on tightly to your credit cards. That's a work in progress, also; Robert is continuously developing new modules for the system, which also includes pin-to-3.5mm modules. These work 1:1 with Bastl as well.