So watching videos on learning modular systems the idea is start with a VCA, VCO, filter, clock, envelope and power/case.

ModularGrid Rack

What are your thoughts on this versus buying a fully assembled system like the Doepfer A100, Make Noise Shared System, Harvestman Polivoks package ?

My goal is to learn modular synthesis well. I already have an Elektron Analog 4 and Make Noise 0-coast and for sampler/sequencer have my Elektron Octatrack. So would not need to spend cash right away on sampler/sequencers or controllers since the Elektron can manage modular over CV connections.

The package systems I am looking at in future:

For under 2k the Polivoks looks cool for industrial!

Make Noise Cartesian (about 2k)

Verbos System (about 3.5k) Shuttle system (2.5k)

While I would love a Buchla the cheapest one the Easel is 5k!
The expensive drum Buchla machine is on my list however. And if I score a big bonus I would love a Buchla Skylab.

I looked at Phenol, Ants, and Modulor but they look like they cannot be expanded or fit into a Eurorack or modular system and look to be more stand alone portable units.

Personally I would build it bit by bit as you have things to make noise and you will learn way more by building it bit by bit. It will also lead you down some weird alleys if you go to the second hand market as you will stumble across makers and modules that will change the way you think about what your doing.

It really depends on what sort of sounds your aiming to get out of it but I found doing it bit by bit I learnt so much more and it stopped me from getting overwhelmed with information.

You should also look at the 3 module series on youtube to get an idea of what can be achieved with a small system.

Cool I am thinking of:

1) Case/power supply
2) VCO
3) VCF
4) VCA
5) 2xEGs
6) Utilities: slew, clock, mults
7) LFO

That keeps budget as close to under 2k for a starter system to learn on and grow later. I don't have 50k for a wall system right now and the nice prepackaged systems are too expensive. Doepfer A100 is the least expensive one at 2.5k though and the looks neat as well.