So I finally have my Chris Franke/TD ratcheting sequencer. I know, a little late to the game; initially I was drawn to the Mother-32 for just this reason (? yet another single-osc mono synth... oh wait, its sequencer RATCHETS!!), but the realized that I had everything but the Doepfer ratchet controller. By separating the pieces out from my main racks, I think I distilled the essence, allowing me to use the 'big rack' for more esoteric wiggling.
In total, much more expensive than a Mother... (and apologies to Bob M for the Behr copycat) But much more versatile, even with 8-step limitation!

(And, as a bonus, I get to use one of my 'old' cases, long outgrown.)

It's impressive how technology has progressed; ol' Chris woulda killed for a whole bank of these, back in the day!