Hi everyone,

I've been working on this rig for a while and I wanted to reach out with two specific questions.

First: what do you think of the power supply? I recently acquired the 4ms row power 40 because it seems like the best option. But if I get the 4ms flying bus cables, I only get 13 male header pins via two cables and it looks like I'll need a few more to fully power all the modules. Is there an easy way around this? (Sorry if this is a noob question.)

Second: I originally planned on the Pulp Logic 1u mixer, but it's currently unavailable. I'm looking for something simple that will function as a master out, so two 1/4" outs or a stereo 1/4" headphone out is preferred. The Synthrotek mixer is the only one I could find. Looks like it pretty much does the same thing, plus it has some panning options. Are there other 1u mixers I should be looking at? I have a Synthrotek 84hp 7u case, so anything by Intellijel is out, unfortunately.

Big thanks-

ModularGrid Rack