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First rack to supplement other synths (tt303, bass station 2, volca FM, drone commander, nyx) and drum machines (MPC 2500, MD-UW+). Eowave 6u84hp angled rack.
I want to get unusual tones and sounds from this and maximise the options for creating and modulating them. I've got the 0-coast already. I've included the SV1 as a midi-cv, splitters and tools functions as well as it's sounds. Intending to sequence if needed with the MD-UW or MPC. I have outboard reverb, delay & overdrive and would run the line outs from each module (2 for elements) into a separate mixer channel I think.
Looking for thoughts and suggestions on module choices, 15hp still spare.

Rack in the image is a little misleading; good thing I checked the module listings for hp instead of going by 'eyeball', because that's not 84 hp wide. row has 14 hp left (5, 45, 20 present), and if the goal here is a lot of weird crossmod and strange behavior, my suggestion would be some sort of module that can be a 'hub' for all of the in-cab voices at the same time: Abstract Data's ADE-32 Octocontroller. Check the listing...I think it would make for a good 'hub of weird behavior' for something along these lines. On the bottom, you've got 2 hp left, and my suggestion there would actually be two extra linear VCAs (by, who else, 2hp) to tandem with the Octocontroller to add some further levelling oddness to some control paths. Careful with the external mixer, btw...make sure its line inputs have both the extra headroom AND attenuation to deal with the synth-level signals.

Thanks, I hadn't spotted the hp discrepancy. I will look into the Octo module, that looks very interesting and versatile.