So this is where I'm at so far. I have ES8 controlling the oscillators. It works. I can create melodic textures and have some nice ways of modifying them, which is what I wanted... But what am I missing? Any ideas?


Resonator: do you mean like a BBD? Flanger, phaser type things?

Resonator: do you mean like a BBD? Flanger, phaser type things?
-- Tooth

Yes, or Rings, Twin Peaks,...

Rings should be fine as a resonator. However, there's a lot of CV-hungry things in there, and you're definitely going to need at least one (maybe two) buffered mult to prevent voltage sag/detuning across either the VCO or VCF CV inputs. Another thing clearly missing is some sort of random source...you definitely need a noise source, plus some variety of random signal source such as Doepfer's A-149-1 that can derive random CVs from the noise source. Otherwise, this is coming together nicely.

Thanks Folks
The Synthrotek buffered mult seems to be good for the amount of HP. I think i'm gonna do some selling and re-evaluating as I feel I've got some modules that have different modes so they cant do stuff at the same time. I'm gonna downsize my Doepfer A111-2 to an A111-3, (its basically the same for what I use it for) and add a Doepfer A118 Noise and random. I'm thinking about getting a Batumi to modulate everything, and a Maths, primarily because i want more envelopes, but also because I keep being told im missing out if I don't get one (Hmmmm)

Also, I think I'm gonna ditch my Doepfer VCAs for another Veils as I find the mixing functions more useful. I was wondering if the Intelligel quad VCA would be better but I cant really see much difference...?

Any thoughts much appreciated

The Veils and the Quad VCA are pretty much the same thing, but Intellijel's prices are a hair cheaper. That's about the only real difference.

So it looks like I'll eventually need more power than a single uZeus. I'm thinking of going maximum 9U at 84HP. What's a good plan. After my research I'm thinking 4MS Row Power 40 daisy chained to a Row Power 30 and selling my uZeus. Anyone got any other solutions that are good value for money?

Actually, you might want to think ahead and look at Trogotronic's power supply system. Massive current capacity, and not expensive. Since Trogotronic has a lot of tube designs in the module lines, they should know a thing or two about supplying high current loads. Plus, something of that sort should be good to go for quite some time; all you'd need to do is to keep daisy-chaining passive power modules of some variety to deal with even a very large rig.

Trogotronic looks great, but unfortunately I'm in the UK and no one seems to stock these. I wonder if there is a comparable European thing ?

So I guess an alternative could be a tip-top studio bus or 2?

4ms Row Power 40, perhaps? Schneidersladen stocks those, and they've got a bit more current headroom than the uZeus.