ModularGrid Rack
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Hello everyone.

So I want to dive deeper into the world of modular and get myself my first eurorack system. Im reading loads of articels and watching hours of youtube videos. This is what I came up with so far. The Idea behind this rack is that it functions as a hybrid. Bottom row is a synth voice and sequencer. Middle row is dedicated to drum sounds. Top row is in/out and effects.

But I'm not sure if this is even feasible. For instance, I believe that with the current system, I'm not able to output all of the sounds. I feel like there are more outputs or mixers missing. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Your help is very much appreciated!


Well, first up, you get 16 hp back since Clouds is discontinued.

The problem with these sorts of builds is that they just don't work out in small cabs. And that gets back to the 'start too big' idea: if you start off with an improbably huge case, you wind up realizing that, hey, it wasn't improbably huge. That strategy works for all builds, actually; start too large, then pare things down to workability (on your own terms...'workable' differs from user to user) gradually until you get to a result. Also, first builds on MG always turn out in the 'WTF?' zone, as far as a usable instrument is concerned. MG is perfect for this,'s a great place to make mistakes, because they're not costly ones. Screw up? Just delete and restart. Try that with actual hardware; it's very spendy and totally frustrating.

Okay thank your for you reply! So I guess something like this wont turn out to be very playable. Thanks! Guess thats back to the drawing board. :)

Don't worry about it...pretty much no one gets a build right on their first attempt. There's always ways to tweak and improve. My suggestion would be to spend some time looking at builds done by experienced synthesists on here, as well as studying what makes classic synths such as the ARP 2600, Minimoog, etc the classics they are in terms of module complement, control layout, and the like. Like anything worth doing, doing this takes time and patience.

Will do so, thanks for the advice! Should I drop the a kind of all-in-one system? Maybe you could tell me what the biggest mistake is I made with this rack so I can learn from it? Thanks!

Hello Sebastian,

I've been contemplating your plan for a few days now and
have a possible path for you that would give you a great starting point
into synth exploration. My feeling is that a few desktop synths would
provide a very affordable, feature packed solution to getting into eurorack.

Here's an example:
Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer Module
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine (Standard Edition because it has more eurorack compatible outputs)
These two desktop units would basically do more than the rack you've designed for less than a grand.
You'd have Oscillators, LFO's, Filters, Mixers, Sequencers and, importantly, inputs and outputs.
They both would play really well with a eurorack setup. If you play keyboard, throw in a controller keyboard and
you'd be good to go.

Search for "semi modular desktop synth" and you'll find dozens of options like this.

Anyway, it's one way to go.

At the least, study the flow of these desktop units it'll give you ideas for building a eurorack.

Good Luck!


Gotta agree with the above, but my inclination would be to go with the Arturia Minibrute 2 and/or 2s. That way, you'd have hardware that's ready for Eurorack addition via Arturia's Rackbrute subsystems.

Thank you guys for your suggestions and advice, they are very appreciated! Gotta agree also! I have had my eyes on the Mother32 for quite some time now. I think thats the best way I can get my feet wet and learn some basic patching. And then later on, I can start adding to the sound with some modules. :)