Hi folks,

Been looking hard at the Intellijel 7U case or new Make Noise 7U case to use for building my first modular rig.
I love wave shapers and LFO for crazy twisted trance, techno, and house beats. Looking at modules from Harvestman and Erica Synths and Intellijel. What would be a good setup for this kind of music? I use a Korg SQ-1 to sequence my Make Noise 0-coast and Elektron Analog 4 MK2 via CV out and sample to my Elektron Octatrack. I see guys with 20k in gear which is way out of my budget. What would be a realistic east meets buchla west coast setup for this kind of sound? I don't want to get Make Noise modules since I hate the hard to read graphics and funky setups. It is ok on my 0-coast but I want to explore different stuff.