Just an observation, I've noticed that 1U modules are looking rather weird right now with either end of their graphic being cut off.

Please look into this!


Was just coming to post the same thing. Yup, 1U euro modules (Intellijel in my case) are cropped short here too.

I’m on Safari, BTW.


Regardless of their name 1U tiles don't necessarily share the same height. ModularGrid uses the specs from PulpLogic. They differ slightly from Intellijel 1U modules. For that reason the module graphics for Intellijel must be padded top and bottom in an image editor before uploading them to MG.

E.G. an Intellijel 1U module graphic must be cropped like every other module. After that the image canvas height must be multiplicated with a factor of 1.082.

It seems that Intellijel has uploaded new versions of their modules without the needed padding. I hope that will be fixed, until that you can still use the old images by using the Panel Selector feature:

  • make sure Panel Selector is active in the top right action buttons
  • hover over the modules and click through the right and left arrow buttons to browse through the available panel versions.

And btw. ModularGrid supports PNGs with transparency, so there is no need to add white lines as top/bottom borders.

Sorry about that! I have revised the photos and they should look proportionally correct now.