I want to buy Make noise DPO and maths, Mutable Instruments Plaits, Motu 828x or other interface with dc coupled and Reakor 6 of course.

  1. I know that i can send lfo, step modes and seqeunces but im not sure if it s possible to send adsr, vca and whether the set I described above is fully adequate and if I have to buy something to fully use the possibilities of dpo and plaits?

  2. I readed on Motu Volta the Motu 828x have 4.15v on analog out. It will be no problem to control with this voltage, otherwise which device or interface You can recomend to be fully compatible with reaktor?

Thank You and greeting

The Volta + dc-coupled external MOTU interface method is a bit of a kludge; there's a better way to go within Eurorack itself. Have a look at Expert Sleepers' ES-8 USB interface and ESX-8CVmkii expanders, as well as ES's Silent Way software instead. Cross-platformable (Volta is Mac-only, last time I checked), much more compact, plus you have four return CVs back to the computer to use either for recording or tracking CV/gate activity, or both. Voltages range up to +10 as well, giving you a full CV range instead of the MOTU's restriction.