I bought a Mother 32. Love it. I used the 1/4" output to run into my guitar pedal board, then into my interface (I use stereo outs from my Eventide Space reverb into both channels of it) to record into DAW. I get a clean signal with no detectable distortion, and have plenty of headroom.
Now that I have mounted the Mother 32 into a larger powered case and am adding other modules, I am going to have to use the 3.5mm VCA output to get signal out, which seems like a pain. It seems that I will need to use one of those cheap flimsy 3.5mm to 1/4 adapters, or have a dedicated module with 1/4 output like the MakeNoise Rosie, which I suppose could add some other functionality I might eventually use like the FX loop and crossfade, but seems like overkill. Are there other options though? What do most people do to get their 3.5mm outputs into a mixer or interface, since 1/4" or XLR inputs are standard?

Have a look at Ladik. They provide a wide range of 3.5mm-to-1/4" devices for both input and output, mono and stereo, and they're quite cost and space-effective.

Thanks. I did check out Ladik and they have a couple output modules with 1/4" outs. I almost bought a dual one for about $45 US, then realized I was overthinking it, and I found a 10' cable with 3.5mm to 1/4" on Amazon for under 10 bucks. If I run stereo outs from my modular in the future as it grows, then I'll likely pick up a Ladik dual output or even the Rosie since it has crossfade.

Another good one is Happy Nerding's OUT...which offers balanced stereo 1/4" outputs, a headphone amp, plus a second stereo input with a ganged level control, pretty useful for inserting AUX-sent stereo effects into the final mix. Lots of options out there...Eurorack always seems to offer a way to get the job done.