I am new to modular synths and this is my first go at something basic to get started with. It must be able to be integrated into a DAW/MIDI system. I chose the Erica Black VCO for it's reputed darkness. Will add a sequencer at a later date. Is there anything essential missing? Very open to suggestions.

For seamless (or as close as you can get) integration with a DAW, I would suggest dropping the conventional MIDI interface and going with an Expert Sleepers ES-8 plus maybe a couple of expanders for it. This way, you can run several different possible things on the computer that lock up to the DAW itself, plus send CV/gate/trigger info to the ES-8 as DC-coupled audio via USB with zero MIDI latency. Also, the ES-8 has four return channels which can allow you to use the modular as the master clock or, via something like MAX, allow the DAW to 'track' behavior on the modular as cues to DAW actions.

Thank you Lugia. I will definitely go take a look at the ES-8. Very much appreciated.