I want to buy ES-8 or ES-3. I want to use that for sending make noise DPO, mutable PLAITS to VCA and ADSR by reaktor 6 and from Expert Sleepers, GATE, PITCH, LFO to modules. To full setup I want to buy audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 or Motu Ultralite mk4 or maybe other which you will recommend.

  1. Im wondering if the latency will be not a problem to send quick ADSR and VCA ?
  2. Maybe better way is to buy hardware modules ADSR and VCA and sending only GATE, PITCH, LFO?
  3. What do You think about my setup do You have better solution to control DPO and PLAITS?

Thank You for help and greetings,

Maciej Siekierski

I've found over the years of dealing with 'hybrid' control systems that if you have something that works as a manual control, then implement it as a manual control. Plus, if you're not sending envelope CVs over the ES-8 setup, that frees up a channel or two to send something else, like a cross-rhythmed trigger or a counterpoint CV. So, I would suggest leaving the ES-8 in place specifically for sending clock, CV, and gate/triggers only, but also using the ES-8's return inputs to have Silent Way (or whatever is doing the CV/gate sends) track activity on the modular. That way, you can have the software reacting to actions generated by the synth, setting up a control feedback loop. For doing more complex things, generative work...this is very useful. As for the rest, envelopes, LFOs, and so on, these really work better as 'hands-on' control devices so you can live-tweak these parameters instead of being 100% locked into what the computer says to do. With that, you get variation, and variation is key to making music 'human'.