this is my current plan.
I"m using only creating this thread to keep track of notes / ideas for improvements

This rack is made up of the two cases I have: a mantis and the bottom row is the tiptop happy endings case I have. obviously could upgrade, but I think I don't need it.

this synth serves two purposes. live performance of future techno-y kind of drum music, and crazy textural sound design.

the top row is basically all triggerable drum modules and sounds for live performance. (the terminal tedium is to trigger video samples in an openFrameworks project)
the middle row is modulation and filters etc.

the bottom row is kind of sound designy stuff, textural pads whatever.

improvements: possibly ditch the rainmaker (NO!!!) and replace with some other clockable delay (dld, strymon, maybe even just chronoblob). also kind of love the befaco crush delay, but it couldn't be my main delay. could get similar effects with just distorting and otherwise crushing (with sampling modulator, or plague bearer), the fx out of chronoblob. and still maintain longer, clockable delays.

I kind of only want the samplilng modulator cause it seems cool... I have s&h in o_c and in disting. so maybe I should get rid of it. If I got rid of it, and / or moved the terminal tedium as above, what I could use is more oscillators. a orchestra of oscillators would be great for drone / sound design stuff.

I think little nerd could be really useful for weird rhythmic clocking, so I could replace burst or sampling modulator... or get rid of olegtron..

are you using the befall mixers for audio or do you use a external mixer?

are you using the befall mixers for audio or do you use a external mixer?
-- dennis123

yeah, I use the befaco mixers. that or the quatro figaro.

honestly I may get another uO_c, and have one dedicated to envelopes fulltime. idk where to get 4 individual envelopes in 8hp. that and maybe pico voice. that way all my synthvoices have built in decay envelopes for rhythmic stuff, but can also use them to drone and use envs for modulation.

There is an alternate firmware for OC that further divides OC into two usable modules. I can't recall the name of it but it's out there. You may want to hit the second O_C with that. You may want to go analog with your envelopes, though. I find cycling through menus to adjust a parameter when all I want to do is tweak the release a tad to be a bit tiresome.