im planning on 2 Racks complementing each other. One is more suited for melody tasks (metropolis + shifty + eventually a buffered multiple), the other case for techno/glitchy stuff (the telharmonic providing a melody/chord source).

im currently struggling finding a convenient routing / mixing solution....
i know... more vcas? i just wish there was a smaller mutamix module (i love faders and mute switches )

anyone got any tips for my routing/mixing problems? you think i lack anything in particular?

cheers, Dennis

Had a look at Erogenous Tones' stuff lately? That might give you a few ideas...

I have been thinking of splitting my rack into 2 as well, using one as a controller for the other. I was going to use the new Intellijel Octalink for linking the two systems up. Since you don't have any 1U, in 3U scale there is the equivalent Doepfer A-180-9.

For routing/mixing there are many many options.... Here are two options that just happen to be too big for my rack but seem to be really popular:

Personally, I am going for something smaller:

In my rack I use 2x Quadratts for mixing, but since you don't have 1U, you might consider getting a couple Shades or Triatt modules. Or do what @Lugia was saying and look at some of the rad 8x stuff that Erogenous Tones makes (like Levit8 or VC8).

Yeah...I think that for the space vs function issues it deals with, the Erogenous Tones stuff raises the bar on function density in 3U. A combo of the VC8 + RADAR/BLIP provides pretty much everything you'd want in signal control in 54 hp. That sounds like a lot of space, but considering what gets dealt with, it's a great tradeoff. This can deal with both audio and CV simultaneously, can be made to function in a number of more elaborate envelope sequenced methods and, if you take another 10 hp for the Levit8, mixing for 4 channels each of audio and CV, or individual attenuation for any and/or all of that. Add the extra perks like inverters, offset gens, etc...these seem to wind up in all of my builds and build sketches in recent times for very real reasons!

"Faders and mute switches"

That sounds like a job for the Roland 531 Mixer module. You get six channels with faders and pans. The pans are CV controllable. You also get mute switches, a preamp and a headphone output.