Circadian Rhythms Tempo @ 136 BPM
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right (in modulargrid)
Note: This is Cables ONLY (see Modular grid for knob parameters)

M32 VCA --> Quad VCA CH. 4 Audio In
M32 MULT1 --> M32 LFO Rate
M32 MULT2 --> M32 VCO Lin FM
DixieII Triangle Out --> Cinnamon Audio In
Mutant Brain CV A Out --> DixieII 1v/Oct
ADSR ENV Out --> Cinnamon CV In
Cinnamon Lowpass Out --> Quad VCA CH. 1 Audio In
Mutant Brain Gate 1 Out --> ADSR Gate In
Circadian Rhythms CH. 1 Out --> Peaks TRIG2 In
Peaks OUT2 --> Maths CH. 4 Rise In
MIDI Solutions MIDI Out 2 --> Mutant Brain MIDI In
ADDAC 201B Buff Mult CH.1 Mult 2 --> Maths Channel 2 In
Maths CH. 3 Out --> Maths CH. 4 BOTH In
Maths CH. 2 Out --> (dummy cable)
Maths SUM Out --> Quad VCA CH. 3 Audio In
Maths CH. 4 Unity Signal Out --> Quad VCA CH. 2 Audio In
Quad VCA 4/Mix Out --> Joranalogue Mix 3 Signal Input A
Joranalogue OUT --> Mixer/Soundcard
Blofeld Left/Stereo Out --> ADDAC 201B Buff Mult CH. 1 In
ADDAC 201B Buff Mult CH. 1 Mult 1 --> Mixer/Soundcard

Outboard Gear
Arturia KeyStep
- MIDI Out --> MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru
- MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru --> Blofeld MIDI In
MIDI Out 1
Sequences are the first 16 bars of Fugue in G Minor with 4 bars per sequence, repeat or advance sequences
to taste.
Blofeld - Modified version of ModWheelOrganSCD Patch (filter stuff like used Comb+, LFO assigned to cutoff)