Goodmorning all,

I am new here on MG and exploring all the information about Modules, Brands and creative solutions. In the basics, I am able to understand the building blocks of a basic Modular setup.

It is my wish to use the Modular synth both as a synth for melodic sounds, as well as basslines and beats. Besides the basic parts like VCO, VCA, LFO and EG, which types of Modules should I be looking for to get those specific sounds? It should also contain a sequencer? Or special Bass lines/drums Modules? At first I looked for the combination of a Mother 32 and DFAM, actually I would like to incorporate those two together with Modules.

Thanks for your answers to get me really started!

Kind regards,

The Netherlands

Before buying any physical gear, you may want to explore creating percussion, bass lines, leads, etc. in another format. VCV is a free modular synthesizer simulator. I would recommend exploring that and creating the sounds you're after. VCV is no replacement for the real deal. However, it's a great way to learn.

Once you understand how to make something, you'll do better with evaluating if the Mother 32 and DFAM are right for you. The sounds, the workflow, the features may or may not be what you're looking for in YOUR own music. Eurorack is very expensive in terms of TIME. It takes longer to get the results you're looking for and those results only exist for as long as you keep the patch. If you're willing to accept the candle-in-the-wind limitations of modular and the slow work-pace, you're on the right track. But you have to be the judge of that.

That's been my biggest hurdle is trying to learn what I think looks appealing on youtube videos, vs what actually works for me. I've gone through things, bought, sold, rebought, resold more things than I'd like to remember, and it does get a bit tiring.

I concur, VCV is great for really getting a feel for what what certain manufacturers do, I.E. Befaco and Mutable. I learned how Clouds and Tides worked using VCV.