I just picked up a Mutant Brains, and like many folks interested in the module, I'm hoping to use it to allow my digitakt to control my eurorack rig. I've installed the module and I've sent a sysex file to it via Midi-OX. The lights on top of the unit blinked, but something's still off. To test it, I'm sending a basic midi track from Cubase out of my Scarlet 18i8 and into the Mutant Brains. (I'm sending it on ch 6.) The patch is mutant brains cv out to STO, mutant brains gate to Quadra, Quadra envelope to Quad VCA cv in, STO sub out to Quadra in, Quadra out to my output module.

The sound I'm getting is glitchy. When a single sustained midi note plays in the Cubase sequence, I'm getting lots of random notes that play from the STO. The Sysex settings are all pretty basic (inputs on ch 5-8, CV outs all set to "first note pitch," and then gates 1-4 all set to "first note on" and gate. Any guidance is much appreciated.

Is the Mutant Brain set to receive in Omni-Mode? (ignores MIDI channel and passes everything it encounters).

I used the Brain Surgery feature via Hex Inverter's website to create the SysEx file, but I don't see a space on there that specifies Omni-Mode. Did I overlook it? The clock tick works fine, but the MB registers it even before I hit play on Cubase. Is that normal?