How is he getting such accurate loop start/end times with the DLD ive been trying to figure this out to no avail....

I guess I'm using the DLD similarly. Clock it with your master clock to the ping input. If your master clock, for example, is a quarter note, and you play a 4 by 4 beat, then setting the DLD time to 4 and the switch in the middle will give you delays of one bar. Now, feedback CCW, delay feed CW, and mix CCW. When you want to lock the input hit the hold button. Use the mix knob to crossfade between the live input and the recorded 1 bar loop.

Hope it helps,

Awesome, simplest answer ive gotten to date and i think i got it now! Thanks so much! One thing i did notice is that the levels get louder (say when i have a loop going, D/W mix is at 50percent, and i go to fade in another part, the volume increases of the new part when getting closer to dry. And vice versa, the volume drops when i go from Dry to 50/50 dry/wet, Is this just how the machine works? Thanks again btw.

Yes, when you have a loop going this is the wet signal, and new material coming in is the dry signal. The dry/wet knob will crossfade between them. Maybe I'm not getting the question...

Okay maybe i can explain this a little better. I have looped material going with my dry/wet set at 50%. I want to fade in a new part, so when i turn it to dry, the volume of the new layer seems to be around 30-40% louder than the material already recorded. I guess instead of having the D/W set at 50% ill have to set it set all the way wet or all the way dry to get the full signal volume.