Here is my build.

As you can see it's pretty simple, built around Plaits and Clouds which looks like a good match.

¼" line outs to record with my interface and headphone out. (needed)

FX loop to use external pedals. (exchangeable if better function)

Pamela's to put everything to work.

Midi in because I can't find better use for 2hp left. I have some nice Midi controller apps and could also use Ableton or my Cosmic Music Box to trigger things. (exchangeable if better function)

I was also considering Ears by MI to use my guitar or synths with clouds but I think S.B.G can do that already, am I right?

I plan to fit this into a Doepfer A-100 LC1.

Any module/function I should consider changing or adding onto a bigger case?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like a lot of fun! Have you thought of a function generator, instead of Pamela's Workout? Something like "Function", or even "Mod Tools" might give you a bit more by way of modulation. I was always under the impression that Pamela's Workout was akin to a clock generator, not so much mod source -- just my understanding on it, though.

When I started building my rack(s), I based them on systems that were already existing, and I know Perfect Circuit has some small systems like this that might serve as a good template.

Keep it up!