experimental quadraphonic atonal generative system

Have you been using this rig? I am most curious about your use of the KOMA Poltergeist? I would be interested in hearing what you have come up with.

Things I don't see:

CV sequencer
Stand-alone VCAs
Effects: reverb, delay, distortion, wavefolding, etc.

The Koma has VCAs, but they are a part of your mixer. You may want to modulate or attenuate a signal earlier in the chain.
Filters... I didn't see much in traditional oscillators.
CV sequencer. You have Yarns to connect via MIDI. But that looks like your only source for sequenced CV. The Circadian only handles triggers/gates.

Perhaps in your strategy you don't need any of the above as there aren't any traditional VCOs etc. Everything seems to be digital. So for the sake of argument, why this rack when a stand-alone digital box might give you all if not most of this functionality... like something in the Elektron family.

But that's what I have with nothing more than a picture of the rack to go on.