So this is my current rack at the moment. I am thinking about getting a proper sequencer and add some drums.
My initial idea with the rack was basically to have something to jam with.

Well, first off, what constitutes a "proper sequencer"? Do you want something that does a full complement of CVs, gate/trigs, in multiple rows with typical end/start/stop/etc control? Or are you talking about just for drums, in which case a trigger pattern sequencer might make more sense. Or a digital full-on controller like a Squarp Hermod or Orthogonal's ER system? Each has pros and cons, but some are suited for one use, and others for...well, others.

Best suggestion I can make: don't freak out. Take your time, use MG's resources to get a better feel for what to do. This isn't a test, nor does the first build you do have to nail the idea you have. Building an instrument more or less from scratch (which is pretty much what modular synthesis is about) is not anything close to easy and at first glance, it's daunting as hell. Expect to refine and whittle away at design ideas for literally months until you hit something that feels right. And the best thing is that if you utterly and irredeemably fuck up your design here on MG, you just delete it and start over. No massive cash outlay and resulting buyer's remorse. Learn at a pace that works for you, and tweak away without worry.

The other suggestion is to start with something too big. If you think you need two rows of 104 hp, go with three, or three rows of 126 hp, even. Allow yourself space in which to screw up ably, then pare that result down, and you'll find that you actually get decent ideas from 'going too far' and then pulling back from that point. And study existing builds by experienced synthesists as well as classic modular systems that still inspire awe perhaps 50+ years on to get ideas of how to proceed. Just don't demand of yourself that this get done'll just wind up banging your head against the display screen.

Hey Lugia, thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I've gotten to the point where I feel like I am questioning my previous choices in terms of gear and direction.
Also in terms of knowledge I have gotten to the point where I can shape sounds towards my likings - rather than just randomizing all the time.
So what I think I am looking for as you suggested, somewhat more control to my rack. I've been look at the Winter Modular Eloquencer, but I am not completely sold yet. Also in terms of drums, I am actually looking at the DFAM.
But I'll glady look into any suggestions!

I've got a case with 84hp 9U that I would like to fill up within let's say, a few months. So I've got space to work with (for now.)

Your current choices aren't bad. You just don't have a lot of options. A filter, maybe an LFO might give you a bit more range.

I would wait until Behringer drops their 808 into production before shopping for a drum machine. The 808 will probably be pretty hot and come in around $400. I can see Moog discounting the DFAM to compete.

As far as sequencers, check out the Eloquencer and then the 1010 Music Toolbox. If you're coming from the world of DAW, the Toolbox is an easy transition to make and it's very flexible with 8 Gate and 8 CV or Gate outputs. It does a variety of LFOs and can even sample two channels of external CV. I bought one and I really like it. It serves as the hub of my set-up now. I'm not saying it's right for you, but to check it out to see if it is.

How do you intend on triggering your drum machine? How many gates/triggers would you be feeding it or do you want one with an internal sequencer you can just sync? That should throw into your sequencer selection. You may even have/need a second sequencer for your percussion.

Hey Ronin, thanks for the input!

Any specific filter and/or LFO(s) you would recommend?

I will definately look into the Behringer and the Music Toolbox. Indeed I come from the world of DAWs, haha.

I haven't really decided in which direction I would go with drums yet. I was thinking the DFAM for easy sequencing, management and decent sound I guess?
Otherwise I would as you say go in another direction and get other drum modules and get a drum sequencer to handle percussion/drums. The thing that makes me hesitate in the later option is that drum modules + seq would eat up alot of HP sadly.

Recommending a filter is like recommending a wife. It's more about what you like.

In my personal set-up I have an Intellijel Morgasmatron and a Roland (Maleko Heavy Industries designed it) 505 filter module. The Intellijel covers the basic multimodes. The 505 is there because I love the Roland filter sound. The next filter will be the Joranalogue filter. I might pick up a Doepfer Wasp since they are like $100 and have their own unique flavor.

I also have a Xaoc Batumi with the Poti expander for my LFOs. It serves its purpose. But I might wander into something more traditional with PWM for the square wave as well as a reset gate.

I have other gear that can generate LFOs: Intellijel Rubicon II, Tip Top Z3000, Expert Sleeper Disting, Ornaments & Crime, 1010 Music Toolbox Sequencer, Expert Sleepers FH2... so I'm pretty much covered for all my LFOs at the moment.

The bottom-line is this... whatever you decide... you will be wrong. You will have good relationships with some modules and bad relationships with others. Keep the good ones, find alternatives to the "bad" ones.

DFAM's never struck me as seeming really 'drummy', though...although it's an excellent sequencer and has some very worthwhile functions in of itself. Delptronics, however, makes a very compact solution with their LDB-2e/2x combo. In 12 hp, you get the main components of the Roland-esque analog percussion spectrum plus some ample control over pitches, etc. That plus the Eloquencer would take care of a good chunk of that need.