How would this pair with the mini brute 2s for generative+unpredictable? I'm thinking of removing something for a delay, but do you guys know of any really weird modules that would help it?

Nah. Obsoleted modules abounded, plus there was a lot of 'predictable' there. Instead, I tore it up, came up with this instead:
ModularGrid Rack
Now this is a superior piece of kit, tooled for the exact purpose. Around $750 cheaper, too. Maths (the correct one) stayed, added a Marbles for random sampling of CVs and the like. RCD got its expander (great for live performance). Went with a single quantizer with an analog shift register which allows subsequent CV levels to pass on to another destination times three. The 0 Sugar deals with weird logic-based gate scrambling, and a Pithoprakta Euclidean gate/trig sequencer was dropped in for generative timing trickery.

Second row has a dual mix/attenuverter/offset, two linear (for CVs) VCAs. I added a 4ms QPLFO for multiple slow (or fast) LFO sources to create gradual modulation shifts (important for good generative work)...and then a Rubicon2 for warped, spacy crossmod and TZFM. Kept the Plonks, then there's a 4-1 audio mix to sum it with the Rubicon2. After that, a Disting,'s a Disting, which is pretty much a Swiss Army Knife for most anything. The Doepfer A-106-1 (variation on the Korg MS-20 VCF pair) has an insert in its resonance path, for which the lo-fi Noise Reap delay is intended, although you could use it as a regular delay. And then a final VCA + envelope to send the results back down to the 2S for the final mix with the MiniBrute's audio and output.

Now these should get you where you want to go. Note, also, that some of these modulation sources can also be aimed down at the MiniBrute 2S to make it act in tandem with the Rack. No mults, also...I suggest using either Stackcables or inline mult widgets, as these save space in smaller builds like this.

Thanks, I'm completely new to modular, so I appreciate the input. If I may ask, what is the advantage of Rubicon over Plaits? surely the modal selection input of plaits makes it more suitable for chaotic/generative, Is there something I'm missing here? Wouldn't it also provide a little more space? not questioning your judgment, I just want to know the reasoning

No real reason, actually...Plaits should also work nicely given that it can sweep through changes in a generative system. Its predecessor, Braids, didn't exactly have that ability. It's also worth noting that I put this together about a day or so before Codex Modulex dropped their 8 hp version of the Plaits...given that, I'd suggest that if you go with Plaits, use theirs, which would allow you TWO of them in the Rubicon2's space with 4 hp left over.

I'm not affiliated with any of the players mentioned. BUT... there's a bundle now for MiniBrutes plus Rackbrute 6U for $800US (Minibrute 2 or Minibrute 2S).

It includes patch cables and a travel bag. At Perfect Circuit, you can also get 10% off for the holidays (have not confirmed that it works on the bundle... just enter the code from the banner and see).

So for $720US, you get a great Eurorack starter set. I think that's a FANTASTIC deal, personally.