I'm looking for feedback while planning my first eurorack. Experimental and sounds, I receive all kinds of advice, or instruments that I could add or change
Thanks !

Step 1: remove everything that's already in its own case from this case. Putting these into a Eurorack cab is a major waste of rather-costly space that should be allocated for modules that aren't cased already.

Step 2: remove any discontinued modules...Clouds, for example.

Step 3: if this is an Intellijel powered case (the layout looks like it might be), eliminate the uZeus, since you don't need to put a power supply in a powered case.

Step 4: start over. Do a lot of research on what modules do which functions before building the next attempt. Watch videos and listen to examples of modules from various manufacturers and other users. Study existing builds here on MG by experienced synthesists, also, as well as classic systems to see how they're built up. Expect to spend A LOT of time doing this, as even those who have a lot of time and experience with synthesizers know that you can't nail a modular build on attempt #1. Or even attempt #10, or #20, etc etc. This is a PROCESS of creating an instrument; simply because you can buy a lot of this off the rack with ease and ample cash these days doesn't mean that creating an optimal build is equally easy. The more likely thing that would happen without proper research and prep is that you'd be doing the same thing as putting your money in your backyard grill and setting it on fire.

Also, ask yourself if you know your musical output well enough to predict what an appropriate instrument for it would consist of. And not merely at this moment in time, but in five years...or ten...or twenty. These things COST, and it's best to have figured out that your money is being well spent in advance!

Lugia thanks very much for your comments, you have reason