- A simple patch where arpeggios from Arturia Keystep are sent to Disting G7 algorithm (MIDI-CV) and the Pitch and Gate information are sent to Mother 32 and Rings in different ways

Colour Scheme
- Irrelevant here, because I didn't need to keep things separate given the simplicity of the patch

KeyStep Parameters
- Clock: Internal
- Rate: 12 o'clock (approx. 1/4 note = 70bpm)
- Arp Mode: Order (arpeggiates notes in order of when they are played, with new keys added to a held chord to be played at the beginning of the next cycle)
- Time Div: 1/4
- Octave: 1 above middle C
- Chords Used (actual pitches are a tritone below played notes on the KeyStep)
On KeyStep: GMAadd2, FMIadd2, and Eb7#5 (Whole Tone)
Actual Pitches: DbMAadd2, BMIadd2, and A7#5 (Whole Tone)
Throughout the recording notes are added to the 7#5 chord like a low 2nd and others, so much of the whole tone scale sounds at some point in the piece

Rings Parameters
- Quadraphonic Polyphony (Red)
- 2-operator FM (Blinking Green, hold Synthesis Type Selection Button when in Modal Synthesis mode to access this Expert Mode)

Disting Parameters
- Straight forward but Z Knob is set to neutral so no Z jack colour