I have a question:

I have an (as yet unused) Befaco regulated power bus (https://www.befaco.org/en/fuente-alimentacion/)

I would like to use it in a separate rack from the one with my other daisy-chained power busses.

I also have spare a TipTop Zeus Access (with a Universal Power Supply) (http://tiptopaudio.com/zeus-access/)- this only has connections for +15v and GND, though.

Can they be used together?


That shouldn't be a problem. The 'sleeve' connector on patchcables handles the common groundplane amongst anything connected with them. One bit of advice, though...feed both the Befaco and TipTop power supplies from a common AC source to avoid potential ground loops over the patchcables. If you use power strips or conditioners such as the Furman rackmount variety, feed both cabs' AC from the same one.

Thanks Lugia

The clever boffins at Befaco suggested: although the Zeus acces is not compatible with the bus, as the bus need tree poles (+15/-15/ground). Anyway, you can make your own access module, with a piece of plate and a 3 pole connector.

I asked if they reckoned I could cannibalise/modify the access plate with a three pole connector to which they responded: Yes probably you can. just need to find a three pole connector and make your own cable to it.
Maybe this plug (very safe and sturdy model)

with this on the cable:

A better suggestion, from my long experience with amateur radio and dealing with hefty-amperage DC that it calls for coupled with quick, goof-proof, and sturdy gear requisites, would be to look at something we use called Anderson PowerPoles. Anderson Power Products sells direct via https://www.andersonpower.com/us/en.html , although their online catalog is rather new and lacks a lot of images. You can, however, have a better look at these and at tools for using them via DX Engineering: https://www.dxengineering.com/search/brand/anderson-power-products?autoview=SKU These provide DC connectivity that's sturdy, nearly-foolproof, and very beefy...way beyond normal Eurorack spec hardware, which is very much a good thing. While DX Engineering tends to offer only the inline versions, Anderson should also have some bulkhead versions available that would function nicely on a Eurorack panel. Plus, they come in color-coded sleeves, so you can easily use red for your +, black for -, and put your ground on a green connection for super-easy ID.

Honestly, these are THE way to deal with DC...very rugged, field-tested, and no possible way to confuse connections. I wish they were the standard in Eurorack.

I have had a further response from Befaco that:

You have three pins on this connector: 1,2 and 3 - Its a 3 pins so it can be used for whenever you need to conect the poser supply... bus to power supply, PS to case, case to case etc
The connector can be to connect one case to the other, so you can use only one power supply for both.
So you use one pin for each power rail (there are three power rails +12 , -12 , GND)

Now... imagine you want to power two case and only one have the power supply inside. you can use a couple of this three pole connectors (one on each case) to send the power supply from the case number 1 with power supply to the case number 2 without power supply

Of course you also have to make a cable to go from one to the other....

Alas, this has left me even more confused. TO clarify and restate my original problem:

I have two power supplies and two cases (in different locations)

I would like to use the second power supply (an external 15v Cincon-TTA laptop-style universal power supply) to power the Befaco regulated power bus (https://www.befaco.org/en/fuente-alimentacion/) in the second case.

I would like to use something like the TipTop Zeus Access (http://www.tiptopaudio.com/manuals/TiptopAudiozeusxs.pdf) (with modification) to plug the 15v Cincon-TTA laptop-style universal power supply into


I would like to use something like the TipTop Zeus Access (http://www.tiptopaudio.com/manuals/TiptopAudiozeusxs.pdf) (with modification) to plug the 15v Cincon-TTA laptop-style universal power supply into

-- Mlilley

I have been using a uZeus with a 15v Toshiba laptop brick for over a year now. All I did was replacing the original straight (and wrong diameter) barrel connector with a 2.1 mm one fitting the uZeus (and is angled so does not stick out and strains the jack). Works like a charm.