I have arranged the modules in the rack I’m building today in a manner that seemed logical from a workflow perspective:

ModularGrid Rack

Not shown is a T-Rex Replicator, which will be housed in a separate 104 hp cab.

I’m going to use Rene, Pamela’s New Workout, a Social Entropy Engine, and an Analog Four as CV based sequencers. Additionally, a Neutron and 0-Coast will be integrated.

I’d be really interested in getting your thoughts on the arrangement of modules. My thoughts here were as follows; keep the sound sources on top and the key mixer modules within easy reach. Alls LFOs, envelope generators, attenuverters, and modulators are occupying the middle rows. Clock and sequencer on the bottom left (also the Lapsus Os, as it can function as a “master attenuator”. Filters and FX on the right with a top to bottom signal flow and the Fusion VCA as main out.

Audio will go into a Unit Audio Microunit (passive summing mixer, requires pre-amp post sum out), through an ART TPS-II, and into an Octatrack for FX and other mangling.

Looks good. I see three HP of empty space. If you could squeeze in a Poti (3HP) for the Batumi, that would be advantageous. You can change the waveshapes of the Batumi on the fly as well as its behavior regarding sync vs. restarting.

You may also want to check out the micro versions of Clouds and Tides. They'll save you some rack space and give you a little more HP room to play with.

As far as your MIDI to CV converter, you may want to review Expert Sleepers FH2. You'll have more outputs and save some rack space there too.

I don't see any standard envelope generators. You have the Maths and Stages. But you might want something a little more traditional as well like a Tip Top Z4000NS. Each stage of the envelope can be modulated independently as well.

Also, the Erica tube gear uses up a lot of amps when you first turn the system on. Considering that you have a full-boat of modules, CAREFULLY go over the total number of amps you're going to draw per power supply. I believe that you have two.

@Ronin1973: Thanks for the pointers! The Poti is now on order. I wish I had known earlier about the micro versions. Is it all from Michigan Synth Works? I have the uBurst on my radar. For Tides, wondering if the MKII or the u-Version would be better.
I honestly thought I might be ok on ENV using Pamela’s New Workout, the two ADSRs from the Neutron, Disting, and the CV envelopes from the Analog Four. I don’t anticipate this rig to deliver more than 1-2 voices.

I've bought Michigan Synth Works before. They are good builds and available from retailers. You can also get your micro units commissioned by private builders; but check around before you send off your money. I had a couple made from someone on Modular Grid and he did a great job and delivered as promised (actually a couple of days early).

Using an envelope inside PNW, Disting, or another module like Ornaments & Crime will definitely work. But the flip-side to that is that the envelopes are readily available for tweaking. Menu diving sucks. Envelopes tend to take a lot of back and forth depending on what you're trying to achieve (like getting that perfect pitch and decay envelope on an 808 style kick). The two envelopes in the Neutron would be okay. But it's pretty inconvenient using them and they are pretty basic. Trying using what you have at first. But keep in the back of your mind that you might want space for the dedicated envelopes. Envelopes can do more than control VCA and filter cutoffs. You'll probably want more and a few different types.

Still waiting for a few modules (Three Sisters, Ataraxic Iteritas, Z4000 NS, Poti), but it’s all wired up with MIDI, CV, and audio cables to connect to the rest of the show. This is going to take a while to explore, but it’s clear that this is where I will be getting my strange and wild sounds from.


Cool! Nice set-up BTW. Also, be sure to invest in enough patch cables. You'll want some stackables as well. ALSO, Kona makes some cables with built in passive attenuators. They are handy in a pinch.

Oh, do you have any buffered mults? You may want some if you can squeeze 2HP somewhere.

Yeah, it occurred to me that a BuffMult would be important.
I was looking at an Arcus Audio or the CVP-1 or, better, the MVP by Manhattan Analog.

Are there no CV modulated BuffMults?

Modulatable buffered mults? Sure....look around for "adders", which is pretty much a buffered mult that can take other CVs in to create a composite CV signal. Tubbutec makes a 2 hp module called the Sumtiple, and it offers a three-input adder normalized to a 3 (technically 4) output buffered mult. Sounds like the very thing you're looking for.

There's a precision adder in the Disting. Joranalogue also makes one that's pretty tasty.

With buffered mults, in an ideal world, you want multiple copies of EXACTLY what you've fed into it. Being able to attenuate or boost the outputs would defeat the purpose of a well made mult. Your buffered mults will serve you well when you're trying to split the same control voltages... especially those controlling the pitch of two or more oscillators. Passive mults or simply splitting (like with a stackable cable) can cause voltage drops. A drop in voltage means you're not getting the exact CV that you've put into it.

Or, those voltage variations could be seen as a ‘flavor’ to the sound.