G'day everyone!
So...after years of research&indecision here I am with my first attempt into the modular world.
If some wise noodler could have a quick look and tell me if I am missing out something fundamental, that would be of great help!

Please consider that the same modules will be cv'ed to some external gear too. So with a Minitaur, a chimera synth BC16 and a Soundmachines NS1 Nanosynth I already have a few basic VCOs and VCFs to add to the rack and play with.

(And an alternative too to be sure to bother enough...cheers guys! ;)


That's a helluva smart use of a really tiny space! Given what it'll be interfacing with, that should add a lot of bang to your rig. The Peaks is discontinued, so if that's a priority you'll have to source a used one or find a third-party version in 8 hp...but also, you might consider putting a Doepfer A-140-2 MicroADSR in instead to give you two envelopes, but with individual controls per each. Doepfer's got a few other 8 hp modulation source solutions, as well, like a VCS (the A-171-2), quad decay (schmitt trigger, basically), a quad ADSR (with a few control compromises, but still very viable) and the like.

Thanks Lugia, very much appreciated!
In fact swapped the peaks for the 2 micro adsr straight away.
Although Peaks had a couple of more tricks as KFOs etc so....a new 1U row took off...!!

Now , just to make sure this is going in the right direction, this is the idea:
a very "musical" synth capable of handling a few different voices and rhythm evolving with a controlled rate of randomness/repetitiveness and forced within scale/chord/beat/signature.
So, Pamela should be able to both:
- "harmonically and melodically" sequence:
Pico Voice for some fine tuned melodies/chords; Pluck for melodies/percussive textures; Micròn for basslines/chords
- trigger Bastl Tea Kick, 2hp Hats and Pico drums such to create polyrhythms and groovy beats
To achieve this it can also count on a few dedicated modulation sources. Plus a couple of Distig

Again, am i missing something?
"Structural" modules have been moved to the 1Urow - mixer, multi, in/out, power...


Thanks for your help!!

FYI, that 1U row won't work. Intellijel uses a different 1U row spacing than the norm, so it's not possible to put both formats of 1U in the same tile row. However, if you stick with the original format, there's not only a larger pool of modules available, but Plum Audio has 1U versions of the Ornament and Crimes and Temps Utile, which are super-powerful multi-type control modules that would blow your build's functionality wide open.