Sources: M32, Rings, Basimilus Iteritas Alter

- A mostly low register 8-step sequence from Mother 32 modulates its' own pitches by musical intervals usually greater than or equal to one octave thanks to Gate being fed into VC Mix Attenuator and into 1v/oct input.
- This voice then triggers the BIA which exists in the Alto register. Rings and various modulations on the M32 and BIA are triggered and otherwise influenced by a 4-step CV sequence coming from Peaks' Channels 1 and 2 outputs (same sequence, "Twin" mode).
- Maths (via CH. 4 slow cycling LFO) influences various BIA parameters as well as the speed of an LFO from DixieII which advances the 4-step sequence on Peaks
- A bandpass filtered version of BIA (thru Erica Synths VCF1 Polivoks filter) goes into Quad VCA, and an unfiltered version goes into Joranalogue Mix3 (the interplay between these two signals creates interesting results throughout the recording)
- Planar 2's Y Output is sent to the Position on Rings to act as a kind of phaser, for the "Western Chords" mode of Sympathetic Strings set to quadraphonic

Colour Scheme

  • Colours correspond to the origin of a sound or modulation

- Any sound or modulation originating from Mother 32

- Any sound or modulation originating from Dixie II

- Any sound or modulation originating from Rings

- Any sound or modulation originating from Basimilus Iteritas Alter

- Any sound or modulation originating from Maths

- Any sound or modulation originating from Peaks and one cable from Planar 2 Y Output

- Summing cables for Quad VCA and Mix3

Mother 32 Sequence

  • 8 steps
    Pitches (correspond to M32 octaves not piano octaves)
  • C4, G3, C3, E3, G3, G5, G6, C2

Planar 2 CV Recording

  • a fast and spastic up and down motion with the joystick to create an aggressive phasing effect when sent to Position on Rings, sometimes it is Looped and other times it is used as a one-shot.