Does anyone do these by hand?
Would this save you time?

I want to share this tool!
If you're interested, send an email to:

- plastic: if you slip, it is less likely to scratch your faceplate
- torque: very easily torqued to proper tightness
- inexpensive: very little plastic material needed for 3D printed bit

I've been told by a representative of Cre8Audio that the following tools will work to remove the existing nuts on my NiftyCase :
Philmore NT500
Xicon 382-0006
Can anyone confirm this ? Is there a standard knurled nut bit set available anywhere ? Part numbers, source, weblink, etc ... ?
Thanks in advance.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy

Exploding Shed has a Tool-Set for this as well -->

However... they are based in Germany and do not ship everywhere I think...
Aside from the tool itself + shipping being already somewhat expensive...