I have two questions, I am looking for something to control my sequences, BeatStep Pro could be an option but I have read that transmits a signal of 10 volts and not of 5 or - 5 is a problem?

my other question is if someone could recommend me a modulation source?

thanks !

Several things here...first, if something's already in a housing, leave it there. Eurorack cab space, when you start figuring it up, is actually pretty spendy and needs to be dedicated to things that must be in there.

Second, Clouds is discontinued. Has been for quite some time. So unless you have one, you need to use a 3rd-party version or source a used one.

The problem with the Moog and BSP is quite real. The BSP only outputs 0-10 V, while the M32's VCO CV in wants to see +/- 5V. And it's not possible to change either one to make them play nicely with each other. Really, a lot of the blame here rests on Moog for using that not-so-compatible CV; it's sort of their 21st century "answer" to their wack S-Trig incompatibility from their early days. I suppose that now that they decided to do positive gate/triggers at last, they felt compelled to screw up on the pitch CVs. However, if you insist on having the M32 in your build, Erica has their PICO MScale module which provides bidirectional rescaling between Moog and everything else in just 3 hp.

Lastly, modulation source of what sort? There's not that much here to go on to figure out an apparent need.

LUGIA Thank you very much for your opinions,
I agree, you're right, I love the moog mother, I've had it for a long time, but I'm starting with a modular system, since I only worked with ableton, that's why I have the beatstep pro, maybe the beatstep pro I can connect it by midi to the moog but anyway to be able to send signals to morphagene, grains and maybe peaks (which I would like to buy) I do not know if it is adequate, I thought of new Pamela's work out or in ornaments and crime to control and modular morphagene, moog, peaks grains, but I do not want to make a mistake, what do you think would be better?

OK...now you're thinking! Yes, you can drive the M32 with a BSP, but then you lose those sequencing channels to it. However, I do notice there's something missing, and it's probably the needed fix: a keyboard controller/sequencer. And Arturia has exactly that: the Keystep.

Looking at my Keystep and one of my BSPs, there are IN and OUT ports for clocking on both. And it's an easy step to daisy-chain or mult a single clock between them and the M32, since they all like positive-going pulses. So...here's what I suggest:

1) Get a Keystep. They're cheap. You're going to connect this to the M32 via MIDI. By doing this, the M32 will then accept the MIDI clock as its clock, then allowing you to use the M32's TEMPO as a clock divider for that MIDI clock. That's one of the M32's 'hidden' functions. The Keystep will allow you to either play the M32 directly OR use the Keystep's clocked arpeggiator OR the Keystep's internal sequencer, and then the M32's sequencer can be freed up to do things such as sequencing the M32's VCF, or doing onboard transpositions, etc etc etc. Basically, this opens up a lot of new avenues for a whopping $119. Now, you'll use its SYNC IN to lock it up with...

2) The Beatstep Pro. This is your master clock. Connect its sync out to the Keystep AND, via a mult, ALSO to the Pam's. This locks up everything. Plus, it now frees up the BSP's two sequencer channels to use on the modular via the CV/gate/velocity ports, AND you also have the onboard trigger sequencer if you want to make things (including the Pam's) behave in different rhythmic patterns, OR to feed these to some logic and set the Pam's patterns against them to generate more elaborate gating patterns.

Now that...that's a real solution, and one which opens up possibilities!

Hello What to you thinks about this modular ?