This patch demonstrates approximately 0.06% of Shaggy's Power, in an audible format. Any greater than 0.065% of his power in an audible format is lethal for children and the elderly, so 0.06% keeps a safe distance. Shaggy, the reincarnation of every God rolled into a burrito, approves this patch.

Mother 32 Parameters

Sequence Length: Between 3 and 8 steps
Sequence Pitches: a bunch of C's and G's in different octaves
Buff Mult acts as an Audio multiple for Plaits
Gate Out is the driving Clock and Start/Stop for the whole patch

Plaits Parameters

Algorithm #4: Granular Format Oscillator
- modulations into Morph and Timbre create true vowel sounds given the correct depths
- Main OUT and AUX are given the same CV at VCA but are attenuated separately, balance is mixed throughout the recording
- Receives 1v/oct pitch information from M32 KB Out (just KB notes so LFO -> frequency has no effect or utility in this patch)

Rings Parameters

Modal Resonator Mode - Monophonic
- Fed a Gate from M32 into STRUM
- INV Out from Maths serves as 1v/oct, creates intense FM sounds given the right amplitude mix between the 4 attenuators in Maths, as well as the correct enveloping at CH. 1 (cycling) and CH. 4 (sometimes cycling)

Maths Parameters

  • Displayed above, but worth noting this is the first time i've used a stackcable at an input to mult the signal it is carrying to go into another input

Peaks Parameters

Alternative LFO Function a.k.a. Expert Algorithm #2: Trigger Delay & Repeater
- Receives a buff'd mult of M32's Gate, but delays (via knob 3) and repeats (via knob 4) the gates received
- Also widens or narrows the width of incoming gates with knob 2 (gate duration)
NOTE: Gate Duration is also effected after Peaks by Maths CH. 4 by Slew Limiting and cycling