• A simple patch to get to know Ears by Mutable Music Things, based on the first patch in DivKid's overview video:
  • Ears' Microphone/Audio Out is sent to the Audio Input of Rings, while its' Gate is set to the Trigger Input on Disting F6: Shift Register Random Quantized CV's
  • Disting F6 takes each gate and advances a random sequence, which is usually free running but sometimes the sequence is locked in place (length: 16) by turning Z knob hard CW
  • Disting A Output goes to Rings 1v/oct
  • Rings' Brightness is modulated by a Sine LFO from DixieII, whose Linear FM input is itself modulated by the CH. 1 Unity Output on Maths (Maths is cycling with the AD envelope rate being modulated by Pittsburgh Micro Sequence)
  • Pittsburgh Micro Sequence is in Direction Mode #6: Transpose mode, where instead of the normal 8-steps you have 4 transposed 4-step sequences (16 steps total)
  • Operating Ears is done with quick finger attacks and/or scraping with a spare patch cable