• simple CV routing with complex MIDI routing (the most complex for me so far anyway) and use of H9's TimeFactor in a custom preset
  • Mother32 is simply providing a "drone" frequency via resonant filter and cinnamon signal running through it

Clock from DAW
- DAW MIDI Out to Polyend SEQ MIDI In
- SEQ MIDI Thru to Disting MIDI Din In
- SEQ MIDI Out1 to Polyend Poly MIDI Din In
- SEQ MIDI Out2 to Blofeld MIDI Din In

In spite of various attempts from different sources and trying different settings, could not get H9's MIDI In to receive clock properly, so I used tempo's similar to DAW Clock (approx. 120bpm)

Colour Scheme

- Red

- Orange

- Blue

Quad VCA to Cinnamon
- Grey

- Purple

- Purple Stackcables

- Black

Disting Parameters

G6: MIDI-to-CV w/ MIDI Breakout
- Output A Divisor = 6 (Default, quarter notes)

Polyend SEQ Parameters

16 total inputted patterns, 12-13 of which that were used
- begins with a simple kick and hat, then adding a snare in 3/4 time (polymetre as the rest of the tracks have 16 steps therefore 4/4)
- Track 4 is a velocity sequence that is sent to the cutoff frequency of the cinnamon in amounts that vary depending on the MATHS Channel 1 attenuverter knob position
- Blofeld provides simple, brief accents beginning with Pattern 5

Blofeld Parameters

A modified version of the "Ode to Joy" B047 Keys preset includes an LFO, which is sent to the cutoff of the first filter
- pitch of OSC1 is up P5 from the other two OSC's but all in the 4' octave (or "length")
- LFO with Triangle shape has the most noticeable and interesting effect, sync'd to the SEQ/DAW clock and resetting every 1/2 note