I know technically this is not the question to ask here but since I don't know where else
I'm going to give it a try!

What are the most commonly used patch cables? Budget wise let say from mid range to the more expensive ones.

I was thinking to use a combination of the tiptop stackables and EricaSynths patch cables.

Thanks in advance!


LMNTL and Nazca (part of Pittsburgh these days) see a lot of use. Both have some fairly cost-effective multipacks of their various lengths. Also, LMNTL makes some very convenient inline 1-5 mults that most anyone should have a few of. I've known people who've been happy with both.

Thanks! When I check Muffwiggler I see the brand "BlackMarket" passing by a lot.
They are easy to get here in Belgium. Do you have an opinion on them?

I have some black market cables and like them a lot. Matttech also sells eowave cables which are similar and also really nice.
And of course stackcables are absolutely great.

Modular Addict has great prices on patch cables.