Paired with:
Arturia Minibrute 2
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Source Audio Ventris Dual-Reverb

I play the piano but recently got into making electronic music. I like working with ambience, harmonies and drones. The goal is to write music for relaxation and meditation. I'm very new to modular, so any feedback or inspiration that can help me on my journey would be appreciated, thanks!

Mutable Instruments Tides
Make Noise Rosie

I just bought Frames because of the many purposes it seems to serve. I'm interested in using it as a mixer, but also as a primitive sequencer that I'd program (frame) by using the Minibrute.

One note: unless you have a Clouds or are willing to find a used one, you'll need to use a third-party build of it, as Mutable discontinued production of it quite some time ago.

Clouds is actually more affordable than ever, since it was so popular that many good builders sell their own builds on Reverb. That said, I have been exploring my Clouds for a bit and learned that without other sources to modulate / effect the individual parameters, it is a bit underwhelming. Random cv generators, LFO or function generators, combined with attenuator to control the amount of modulation over the different parameters on Clouds are what really open that module up.

PS. I dig the name of your build.

Sorry if I was unclear, I already have Clouds, and Rings and Frames will arrive this week.

@goodbyebluesky82 , thanks for your input. I've only played around with Clouds for a few hours, but I see what you mean. I'm hoping that Frames will help me with the attenuation part, but I am thinking about additional generators. Do you have any ideas? Pamela's new workout looks interesting!

Actually, Tiptop just dropped a new module that might be a key piece in manipulating modulation signals in the way you need. Have a look at their new MISO module, which is a complex arithmetical mixer intended for CV/mod use. Pairing that with something such as a Xaoc Batumi would make for an incredible and playable combo. Plus, a good complex drone VCO that you should be able to get some mileage out of would be the Synthesis Technology E352 Morphing Terrarium, a dual digital VCO with extensive timbral morph capabilities.